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Meet The Stock Cropper

What is Stock Cropping?

Stock Cropping is a dynamic farming system that that combines livestock and crop production so that multiple species of plants and livestock can coexist in the field at the same time. This allows us to harness the natural cycles of a plant-animal ecosystem to grow healthier animals, healthier soils, and a lower carbon footprint.

How We Farm

We plant strips of corn and soybeans with pasture in between. We graze the pasture strips with multiple species of livestock in a mobile barn that autonomously moves through the strips daily throughout the season.  The animals consume our diverse pasture mix while stimulating the soil with their hooves, snouts, beaks, and microbiomes, leaving behind a rich mix of manure to feed the soil. 

The row crops grown in between the pasture strips benefit from this arrangement by having more access to sunlight up and down the plant canopy.  We complete the cycle the next year by rotating the strips so that the row crops are planted where the animals grazed and deposited their manure and animals are fed from the feedstuffs that were produced the previous year.  We do all of these things while giving consumers a front row seat to the show with our webcams and livestreams so they can see and participate with the production of their food. 

The end result is a diverse, high quality mix of animal meats that we market and sell directly to consumers through various creative avenues allowing farmers to maintain profitability while driving the sustainability of rural communities.

Stock Cropper in Action

Check out our Youtube to see what’s going on in the field right now.

Why Stock cropping?

Commercial agriculture has resulted in significantly fewer people involved in food production. Ag’s obsession with scale is leaving rural communities slowly drained of people and economic opportunity.  

Stock Cropper is a system that only scales by having more people involved, not less. More farmers, more processing plants, more feed mills, more butcher shops, and more businesses to support this these types of enterprises.

Today’s Eaters Want To

  • Know how their food is raised
  • Reduce their food’s carbon footprint
  • Establish a transparent relationship with the farmers that make that happen

Stock Cropper is designed to help reconnect those consumers with the people that do the work, care for the land, and sustain their local communities. 

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