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ClusterCluck Pico

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The ClusterCluck pico is a 56 sq foot grazing barn setup to facilitate either egg laying or broiler poultry production. The Pico is designed to feed a family of 4-6 people with eggs from 12-15 laying hens or 30-40 broiler chickens for meat consumption. The barn is powered by a solar panel on the roof which charges on board 24 V battery system that powers the single wheel front drive wheel system for either manual or autonomous moves.

The barn is designed to be chored 100% from the outside meaning all feed, water and egg collecting can occur without getting into the Pico. When in autonomous mode, the Pico will operate in a straight line and programmed with a safe operating distance without obstruction with ClusterCluck phone app that connects via WIFI. When the barn gets to the end of the programmed distance, the user will use the steerable hitch to manually turn the barn and redeploy it in a new direction. The Pico has onboard feed and water capacity to allow the barn to operate 3-5 days in between choring dependent on stocking rate. The Pico’s roof is inverted for funneling of rainwater into the onboard water system as well.

Roosting bars and a nesting box are included along with our Chicken Fluffer device in the rear of the barn to keep chickens away from the back of the barn while the barn is being either manually or autonomously moved. The Pico will also have available a winterization kit that includes removable side panels for protection from the snow and cold along with a 110 v supplemental heating system for nesting boxes, water and roosting bars.

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